Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm not really sure where I went wrong. I think I picked it up again on the wrong row but I managed to mangle the toe on the baby monkey socks I was making. It looks alright in the picture, but not worthy of gifting and as it doesn't fit my own little monkey I have higher standards for stuff that leaves my house. I shall make them again, as the pattern is cute and it went quickly.

I was making the lace leaf kimono top from Interweave's summer 2008 issue but lace doesn't work with the kids awake. I had to frog five repeats because I couldn't figure out where I had lost an extra stitch. I shall try again, because damn it. I had bought 8 skeins of yarn for me, and I don't usually do this. I want that top.

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All about Arianwen said...

Feeling like you about blogs! I shall add you to my list for a daily read!