Thursday, July 3, 2008

Whose hobby cost us more?

This is why I can't afford yarn at the present. It would be the main body of a 1938 Bren Gun Carrier. I tried to show off my finished sock to the husband and even knit most of it in the garage with him, his response was to pose with his track. *snort* It does however keep him and his little pink clad helper busy rebuilding the engine in the evenings so I can knit. I predict a spinning wheel in my future and A LOT of sock yarn to offset the cost of shipping something the size of a baby tank from British Columbia.

Doesn't everyone have one of these in the garage? :)


Alison said...

Well, we have two motorcycles and a race car in our garage, but no gun carrier. Although I'm not showing House Man this post in case he gets any ideas!

meegiemoo said...

Should we knit a cozy for it?