Thursday, November 13, 2008

Woe is Me

I have been spoiled over the years. With any separations in the past I have always had internet or phone access to keep in touch. We even own webcams and a laptop because of him being away with work. Being out to sea with no contact all week is making me really unhappy. I just don't feel I have the right to complain to those who understand our life the best. Those women who have their husbands in a war zone for half a year. It just doesn't compare to my 5 weeks apart.

Corbin is turning 2 next week. We spent his first birthday in a hotel room on our move to our current home violently ill with food poisoning. I don't even have any pictures to mark the day, and I never saw the cake my friends brought over for him as I was in the bathroom. I wish this year was a bit more celebratory but he's to young to care. It really is all about how I feel we should be together and making a fuss over my baby not being a baby anymore.

Yeah I'm sick, my defenses are down so it's been a lot of moaning.

I have however accomplished some knitting. I am working on the gusset of a pair of monkeys for my mom out of my Araucania Ranco Multy. I finished a hat for him too, that he took with him out of a Alpaca/Soy/Angora blend.

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Ann said...

Woe is you - I don't know how you military wives do it. Derrick went to NFLD last summer for a week and I missed him like crazy (of course a day after he got home I wanted him to leave again....)

And yes, it's weird you buy cheese whiz by the industrial sized jars. Gross too! :P