Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer of Socks and WIP Wrestling.

Poor Corbin was trying to pack himself into daddy's bags. This is how I've been feeling lately with the constant absence of my man. He'll be home for the wedding day itself this Halloween but he'll be in Israel up to ten days prior.

My Tesla (hand maiden sea silk in Scottish Thistle I picked up from Baadeck Yarns last summer) is proving to be a bit of a pain in the ass. It's coming along now but I feel weak for having to use a life line to keep from frogging for the NINTH time.

Summer of Socks is starting this weekend over on Ravelry. My goal is to make a pair approximately every two weeks over the summer. I want to start with the red and blue skein that was hand dyed by Lulubelle.


Hope said...

I love your yarn organization system! Where did you get it? I could totally use something like that. :)

dontcareravelry said...

That would be designed for children's toys, and I got the whole system at Costco for 60-70 I think? It's back to being used for toys as my stash outgrew it again.