Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Where dontcare does care.

It's only taking me what feels like an entire lifetime to get to this point. Ordinarily at 32 that would be laughable but I have lived more in the past ten years of my life then more will in the remainder of theirs. The wedding went well, but I'm suffering from a letdown of all the build up and my husband's absence. With him being military he'll only be home for about 45 days between January 1st and October of this year. He's set to deploy to Afghanistan in a couple short months. Knitting keeps me sane. Without the soothing presence of knitting needles I don't think I have the coping skills to get by.

Just when I started to truly feel sorry for myself, that my first years as a newlywed will be mostly alone I received yarn in the mail. It always seems to show up the minute it's needed. It's colored string. It's much more than colored string. It's a bit of a bright light on a grey day.

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Liz said...

you can try pottery when you come to CB, I will teach you !