Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mittens, mittens everywhere

I am now working on a pair of fingerless ones for me. I have had this apple green wool (I think it's the Georgia Wool from Walmart, similar to the big skeins of dish cloth cotton) in my stash for years. I love apple green and it deserved to be something bright and fun for me.

I also received my order today. I ordered 10 skeins of the Peruvian Baby Silk (80 baby alpaca/ 20 silk) and told my husband it was my birthday present. The Oxblood colour and I are in love.

A few hours later, I love the oxblood but I really truly hate lace projects. I think it is going to be a sweater, but I truly hate seaming. It can all go *bleepity bleepity* for now.

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