Sunday, October 5, 2008

These only took a little less then half the skein of Mirasol Chirapa I picked up from Tangled Skeins. I'm trying to get some mittens whipped up before the kids are in desperate need of being warm. There is enough left over to make another pair for someone else on my list.

He doesn't appear to appreciate them to much. He tried to gnaw them off before I could even get a picture.

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Ann of Green Cables said...

I love those mittens and the yarn. I'm knitting mittens and hats for my sis who has a weaving studio and gallery in Cambridge-Narrows, NB. I haven't made mitts in years and I'm enjoying how quickly they make up. I use an old 2 needle pattern from a Paton's book from the 1960's. It has a lot of variety on the basic mitten, so I don't get bored. I also add 'idiot strings' so the mittens don't get lost when the little dears take them off. Bye for now, will read your blog again soon. Marlene